The service we have always strived to offer our customers must be up to the quality of the product supplied.


We believe strongly in our territory and want to help make the most of it. We believe that the world of catering is one of the best representations of the important culinary heritage to which we belong. Therefore, we aim to present our customers with fine products (a catalogue with more than 4,000 references) that is constantly being updated.
The care we take when searching for products is VALID both for loyal customers with whom we HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR A LONG TIME, and for newly acquired ones.
WE COMMIT TO VISITING their premises, CONSTANTLY TEST the items already available in our ASSORTMENTS and new products, always focusing on our quest for innovation and quality.
At the same time we believe in people and in the added value they can offer when there is harmony and cooperation. Over the years we have transformed this value and have used it in our service to customers, through the constant presence throughout the territory of a wide reaching network of competent and dynamic agents. We place a particular emphasis on the courtesy and punctuality of our operators for greater customer satisfaction.



Our focus on “tradition” does not mean we are behind in terms of technological evolution. In fact, we are constantly investing in cutting edge systems, that aim to guarantee the appropriate management of the cold chain and the food storage process, internal training, rotation of the assortment and the precision and punctuality of the service. All these values are and always have been the foundations of our operating method.
It is our attention to “detail” that makes the difference: the choice of the most suitable product to customer requirements, traceability of goods in real time and training courses for delivery staff. Our operations follow a rigorous production logic, supported over time by our extraordinary motivation and passion for what we do.
Moreover, in 2006 we gained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. This means the implementation of product traceability criteria and compliance with all the specific health and hygiene parameters for food handling. It leads to better guarantees for our customers.



Over the years Madia has developed a technologically advanced logistics facility that allows us to respond to all our customers’ requests quickly, effectively and professionally.
The care that goes into every detail, for which we are well known, starts inside the warehouse with latest generation tools and logics: a supply chain that ensures the right temperature for the storage of various products, from when we receive them right up until we deliver them (the so-called cold chain). Every package is appropriately labelled and organized so as to reduce logistical errors to a minimum.
Madia carefully distributes the selected products, making careful investments in its vehicles to guarantee the correct temperatures for the three separate product lines, Dry and No Food (20 °C), Chilled (-4°C) and frozen (-20°C) and distribution to the customer in a single delivery.



Madia does not stop at selling products for catering, but delivers them directly to your premises with the professional and technical support of its internal staff and the use of its own vehicles, which are constantly checked.
The distribution service that we commit to offering our customers requires a significant organizational effort, based on a team of motivated professionals who work well together.
In fact, one of Madia’s added values comes from that team work that enables us to provide you with “everything at once”, including weekends and holidays.
Focus on your business safe in the knowledge that we are alongside you.