We have worked while constantly growing and developing for over twenty years, known on the market by the name of Friulana Oli, but many customers know us as Pronto Catering, the logo shown on our fleet of vans.
With the intention of overcoming this issue of having two names and reinforcing our image on the market we have decided to change our name and completely renew the brand.
The company structure is still the same but we have become Madia. This is the result of a strong desire for renewal that continues to hold strong over the years and that has led, from 2008 onwards, first to the transfer of our business to the San Quirino site and then, later, to the restyling of the logo and the distinctive signs of the business.
The name “Madia” means kneading trough, the once common item of furniture, made of wood.
The “madia” was traditionally used in houses for kneading bread and storing flour, yeast and other food items. As an analogy with the function performed in homes by the “madia”, our company has always set out on the market to be a “container of quality products”, properly stored and delivered.