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The service that we always strive to offer to our customers must be up to the quality of the products provided.
We strongly believe in our local area and we want to contribute to its promotion. We believe that the organisations in the food service industry can best represent our important culinary heritage. That is why we aim to offer our customers high-quality products (a catalogue with more than 4,000 items) that are constantly being updated.
We pay great attention to the search for VALE products for loyal companies, with whom WE HAVE BEEN COLLABORATING FOR QUITE SOME TIME, and for new ones we have just started collaborating with.
WE COMMIT TO VISIT their facilities, WE CONSTANTLY TEST the items already present in our ASSORTMENTS and the latest products, always striving for the search for innovation and quality.

At the same time, we believe in people and the added value they can offer when there is harmony and collaboration. Over the years, we have translated this value and incorporated it into our customer service, characterised by a constant presence through a widespread network of competent and dynamic agents. For better customer satisfaction, we pay special attention to the politeness and punctuality of our operators.



Our attention to “tradition” does not stop us from being up-to-date with the latest technological developments: we are constantly investing in state-of-the-art systems to ensure the proper management of the cold chain, food conservation, rotation of our assortment and the accuracy and punctuality of our service. These are all values that for us represent, today like yesterday, the cornerstones of our business.

It is our attention to detail that makes the difference: the choice of products more in line with our customers’ needs, real-time traceability of our products and training courses for our delivery personnel. Our work follows a rigorous production logic, sustained over time by our extraordinary motivation and love for what we do.

In 2006 we also acquired the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification. This involves the implementation of criteria of product traceability and the compliance of all specific hygiene-health parameters for food management, for extra assurance for our customers.



Over the years, Madia has developed a technologically advanced logistics structure in order to meet every demand of our customers quickly, effectively and professionally.

The attention to detail that characterises us begins at our warehouse, which is equipped with cutting-edge machines and systems: a chain that carefully maintains the appropriate temperature of conservation of the different products from the moment we acquire them until delivery (the so-called cold chain). Each package is properly labelled and organised so that logistic errors can be minimised.
Madia carefully distributes selected products by investing on proper vehicles to ensure the correct temperature for the three separate product ranges: Dry and No Food (20° C), Fresh (-4° C) and Frozen ( -20° C) and delivery to the customer in a single solution.



Madia does not limit itself to the sale of food products, but also delivers them directly to your business, thanks to the professional and technical support of its staff and the use of constantly-controlled vehicles.
The distribution service we are committed to offering to our customers requires a significant organisational effort, which relies on a team of well-versed and motivated professionals.

One of Madia’s added values is represented by its teamwork that guarantees an “all and immediately” service, including at weekends and during non-working days.

Focus on your business with no worries, knowing you have us by your side.